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Lake County School District #7


To:         All Staff and Public

From:        Will Cahill, Superintendent

Re:             Lead Water Testing Results

Date:          September 6, 2016

 On June 8, 2016, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recommended all school districts and childcare programs test drinking water as part of a statewide plan to reduce student exposure to lead.

 During the month of August 2016, Lake County School District tested the water in all buildings for lead. We have found that the samples of water taken from multiple places throughout the schools have tested positive for lead and many have come back negative.

 Water fountains and sinks that have been determined to have lead that exceeds the legal requirement will be red flagged and prohibited from use by students, staff and the public. Those plumbing fixtures not red flagged that fall below the legal requirement are considered safe for drinking and human use.    

 In order to move forward and stay in compliance with OHA we are taking the positive tested areas out of service and bringing in portable water stations. We will continue testing our water throughout the District and take the proper precautions to keep our children, faculty, and public safe.

 For any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself, Sam Damuth, Rob Sharpe or Janet Melsness.