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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who schedules volunteers?
All volunteering scheduling is handled at the school building level by either the principal, teacher, athletic director, or school secretary.

How do I track my volunteer hours?
All volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Time Card for all time spent volunteering. These hours are reported on the worker’s compensation payroll report. Time cards can be obtained from the school secretary, the district office or at the link above.

I volunteered last year; do I need to re-apply this year?
Volunteer applications are active for 2 years. If you have previously volunteered, check with the district office to make sure all of your paperwork is still active.

Why do I have to sign a Volunteer Job Description every year?
Volunteer Job Descriptions are signed every year to ensure that all volunteers understand their role in the school and with students. 

For additional information please contact the District Office at (541) 947-3347 or email