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Public Complaints about District Personnel

Board Policy: KLD 
Public Complaints about District Personnel

Although no community member will be denied the right to petition the Board for redress of a grievance, complaints will be referred through the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action by the Board. Exceptions are complaints that concern superintendent or Board actions or Board operations. Formal complaints against staff members by parents, students and/or community members will be resolved at the lowest possible level in accordance with the following procedures:

1. Level One: Complaints should be directed to the employee and/or his/her immediate supervisor;

2. Level Two: Unresolved complaints should be presented to the superintendent;

3. Level Three: If not resolved, the complaint may be presented to the Board in the following manner:

a. Obtain a Hearing Request Form from the school or district office; complete and return to the superintendent’s office;

b. Upon receipt of the complaint form, the superintendent will schedule a Board hearing;

c. All parties involved will attend an executive session, unless the employee requests an open session as provided by law, at which time the Board will hear the complaint;

d. The parties may be represented by a person(s) of their choice;

e. Within 10 days following the hearing, the Board will notify the parties involved of its decision. The decision of the Board is final.

4. Other: Complaints concerning any violations of Oregon state standards and/or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) will be handled in accordance with established Board policies and administrative regulations.

If you have questions regarding the complaint policy, please contact Will Cahill, superintendent at 541-947-3347.