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PRESS RELEASE :      12-14-17

Good Morning Parents and Community Members:  Late last week, Lake County School District Administration became aware of an Instagram account that was targeting many of our students with hurtful posts.  Law enforcement was contacted when it was brought to our attention.  Instagram was contacted, and per their policy, it was taken down immediately.

Earlier this week, another Instagram account sent out messages that were ominous in nature and targeted several Lakeview High School students, a student from Klamath County and former LHS students. This was turned over to law enforcement.  Instagram was contacted and the account was shut down.  Lakeview Police Department is still investigating.

Lake County School District advises that any disturbing messages that are sent to your child on any social media accounts be reported to law enforcement, school administration, as well as the social media company immediately.  We highly recommend that students do not, under any circumstances, respond to any messages that are hurtful, threatening, or unknown in origin. If you need to contact Instagram, the link is:

For questions or concerns, please call Principal Rusty Zysett at 541-947-2287 or Superintendent Will Cahill at 541-947-3347.