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Notes from the Principal:

As a new year begins, people have renewed hopes and dreams and it is no different for the students, staff and community that surrounds our school.  Obviously, 2017 saw lots of changes to our school community and we have taken these in stride and moved forward.

Our goal at Lakeview High School and Daly Middle School is to give our students a safe, inviting environment to grow and learn in.  We have a dedicated and talented staff that makes this happen on a daily basis.  We expect our teachers to make connections to our students that last a lifetime.

This year we are putting emphasis on inquiry when working with students and having them understand different levels of inquiry.  We want our students to be properly prepared to handle the rigors of life after school.  For some of our students, that means the traditional college route but for others, it means entering the work force immediately after school.  This gives us a wide variety of skills that we need to be able to teach and impart on our young people.

 For our Daly Middle School students, we are also emphasizing inquiry and getting them ready for high school.  We have gone to great lengths to have our Middle School have its own identity.  This can be challenging when you need to share staff like we do.  We continually work on keeping them separate and making their experience in middle school a valuable one.

If, at any time, you need to contact me, please feel free to do so.
Rusty Zysett

ODE 2015-16 Lakeview High School Report Card
ODE 2015-16 Lakeview High School Report Card (Espanol)

ODE 2015-16 Daly Middle School Report Card
ODE 2015-16 Daly Middle School Report Card (Espanol)