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Opening schools for on site learning requires meeting state requirements and working together to ensure that we can stay open. For families and students that may choose another option, the Lakeview Academy is available.

Lake County School District 7 is providing an online learning option for students who choose to attend a virtual school. This school, Lakeview Academy, offers classes at both the elementary and secondary levels. The Lakeview Academy is free for students to attend, the cost of the program is covered by LCSD7. If your child attends the Lakeview Academy, LCSD7 can loan your child a district Chromebook upon request. Personal desktops and laptop computers will work as well for the Lakeview Academy. Christopher Rose, VP/AD at DMS/LHS, is the principal for Lakeview Academy.

High school classes completed through Lakeview Academy will count toward graduation requirements from Lakeview High School should your child choose to return to LHS at a future date. The high school counselor will support Lakeview Academy students in remaining on track for graduation and building schedules as well as providing socio-emotional support. If a course is not offered through Lakeview Academy, but is offered at DMS/LHS, a student may choose to register for that course onsite at DMS/LHS if social distancing and cohort compatibility requirements can be met.

For further questions regarding Lakeview Academy, please contact Christopher Rose at 541-947-2287,, or Samantha Farr at 541-219-0401, You may also reach the link to the Lakeview Academy website at the top of the page.

The LCSD7 School District Board approved the Student Investment Act application on April 2, 2020. The application was submitted to ODE on April 6, 2020. The application plan, budget and minutes are available for viewing by clicking here.

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