Lake County School District #7 (LCSD7) is located in Lakeview, Oregon - county seat for Lake County. Five school districts currently exist within Lake County, of which LCSD7 is the largest, with approximately 750 K-12 students. LCSD7 serves students by providing a variety of programs ranging from core academic, career-technical, and advanced college-level classes through the high school dual-credit program. District facilities include a high school, middle school, three elementary buildings, and career/technical facilities. The district also offers a virtual school for grades K-12.

Lake County once contained 25 separate school districts spread throughout the county. Over time, school districts merged into the existing five: Lake County SD #7, Paisley SD #11, Adel SD #21, Plush SD #18, and North Lake SD #14. Most recently, Union SD #5 merged with LCSD7 in the late 1990’s as a part of statewide legislation focusing on fiscal efficiencies. The district currently maintains the Union buildings in the Westside community, approximately 12 miles southwest of Lakeview, as Union Elementary serving K-6 students in multi-grade classrooms. LCSD7 also serves non-resident students through district transfer agreements from school districts in Lake County, Klamath County, and Modoc County in Northern California.

LCSD7 is located in a remote area of southern Oregon with district boundaries covering an area of 1,896 square miles that extends well north of Abert Lake, to the peak of the Warner Mountains to the east, and to the borders of California to the south and Klamath County to the west. LCSD7 maintains a fleet of buses and other vehicles that transport students to and from home and extracurricular events.

With over 100 employees, LCSD7 is one of the larger employers in the county and maintains a total budget of around $10 million. Programs for students include all core academic areas in addition to electives such as Agriculture, Construction, Technology, Art, Band, Choir, Family and Consumer Sciences, Spanish, Health Care Services, and Business.

Graduates of any high school in Lake County are eligible for significant academic scholarship opportunities through the Daly, Collins-McDonald, Ousley, and Burt Snyder funds. These scholarships are currently helping to support well over 100 graduates as they further their educations. Graduates must attend a Lake County high school all four years, maintain a good GPA, and achieve solid SAT scores for eligibility. The long-term economic impact of these scholarships significantly contributes to the academic focus of Lake County communities.

For more information about LCSD7, please call the Superintendent’s office at (541) 947-3347, or see our Contact Us page.