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Message from the Superintendent

Monday January 7, 2019

After much concern from the community related to an investigation being conducted in regard to a school safety threat, Sheriff Mike Taylor released this message last night that I hope will clear up concerns and worries:

Message from Sheriff Michael Taylor:

It is my hope it will clear up some questions that have been asked today. In order to ease some tension or concerns about this incident I will provide a summary of the events that occurred Friday night. Due to the fact this incident is currently under investigation, I am not able to provide specific information.

In summary:

A conversation between several students occurred Friday night involving “What would we do if there was a school shooting.” The conversation took an abrupt turn where an “inappropriate comment “ by one student was made.

Out of concern to the validity of the comment, it was reported to law enforcement. A thorough investigation was conducted and determined to be “non-criminal” and “non-threatening”, but recognized to be in the arena of a “concern”.

Law enforcement, to include the DA’s Office, collaborated with school officials and determined this should be resolved by the school more so than by the judicial system due to the lack of a criminal element.

School Officials have taken an affirmative stance on this situation and are in the process of a “risk assessment” of the incident.

I can assure the community of Lakeview, the parents of students and the students there is not a viable threat regarding this incident.

I am bound by confidentiality as not to reveal additional information however I feel this incident has been put to rest and is in the resolution stages to be implemented by school officials.

Sheriff Michael Taylor

I hope for a quiet and productive day, and extend best wishes to all of you.

Will Cahill

(Please contact the appropriate school before registering your student.)

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